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Meet Run Like Thieves – the musical powerhouse blending soulful blues with hard-hitting rock and Americana. Led by the rhythmic force of Greg Santini, aka ‘The Running Drummer,’ and fueled by the melodic prowess of Abe Hughes on bass, alongside the soulful vocals and guitar of Dan Fallon. RLT is all about connecting 

Dan Fallon “Vocals/Guitar”

 Dan Fallon is an accomplished American singer-songwriter and author, whose musical journey began at a very young age. Dan taught himself to play multiple instruments during his formative years and embarked on a prolific songwriting career by the tender age of 13. After immersing himself in the New England music scene in the early 2000s, Dan’s caught the attention of industry professionals. He subsequently recorded his debut solo album, which not only cemented his position as a songwriter and opened doors to an exciting touring career.

Dan’s compositions continue to be featured in film and television productions. Furthermore, his artistic versatility extended beyond music, as he released a book of poetry, comedy and made a memorable appearance as a television presenter on XYTVs, the VIP. In a particularly notable moment, a live acoustic version of his song, “American Dream,” became an anthem for NBC’s Community Auditions in 2012 Building upon the success of his previous accomplishments, Dan embarked on a fruitful collaboration with Grammy-winning producer and musician, Ducky Carlisle. Together, they crafted a series of captivating songs that showcased Dan’s unique style, with Ducky’s contributions on bass, drums, and production. Dan also dedicates his songwriting talents to The Songs of Love Foundation, making a positive impact through his music.

Both as a solo artist and with his band, Dan has garnered widespread recognition and support, with his music gaining traction on streaming platforms and FM radio stations like 92.5 FM The River, 104.7 FM The Hawk, 95.3 FM, and 91.5 FM, as well as numerous college and other AM/FM stations. Yet, amidst all his achievements and accolades, Dan’s greatest source of pride and fulfillment lies in his collaborative work with Runs Like Thieves, alongside Greg Santini and Abraham Hughes. Together, they have created a body of work that exemplifies their shared passion for music and showcases their undeniable talent.

Greg Santini “Drums”


 Meet Greg Santini, famously known as the Running Drummer, a retired FDNY firefighter and fire marshal who found his rhythm early in life. At the age of 8, inspired by his brother Mike, Greg took to the drums and discovered an innate talent. His dedication paid off, leading him to play in numerous bands while serving as a firefighter in the heart of NYC. His drumming skills graced iconic venues like CBGB before its closure, marking an era of unforgettable musical experiences.

Greg’s journey expanded beyond live performances as he ventured into drum recording, establishing his own successful business. Over the last five years, he’s collaborated with diverse musicians and genres, constantly pushing the boundaries of his craft. His passion for drumming has connected him with remarkable talents, yet it’s his project with Run Like Thieves that stands out as a crowning achievement.

Away from the stage and studio, Greg finds joy in his home in Hopkinton, NH, where he shares life with his wife Heather, a seasoned actress with training from the Gaiety School of Acting and Conservatory in Dublin, Ireland. Their household is enriched by two remarkable kids—Athena, an apprentice Ballerina mastering her artistry, and Neil, a gifted middle school basketball player. In every facet of his life, Greg continues to drum up beats of passion, dedication, and artistic expression, creating rhythms that resonate far beyond the music world.

Abe Hughes “Bass Player”

Abe Hughes originally hails from just in between the White Mountains and the Lakes Region area of New Hampshire. There nestled in the backwoods, his earliest influences would have been listening to his Dad’s beat up Frank Zappa records, and his Mom singing harmony to early Tom Waits songs. Later on his own, he would discover offbeat rock acts like the Talking Heads, The Velvet Underground and REM. Eventually when his friends started listening to punk rock, he decided, “I can do that too,” slapped some stickers on a p-bass copy and started his first band, “The Italic Squirrels”.

Abe’s High School band Director once described him as a “Renaissance man” because “he seemed to be into a little bit of everything”. He would later develop this aspect of his personality, by going to school for recording, learning Jazz, and playing in the pit for musicals. 

His biggest musical project aside from “Run Like Thieves,” would be “East is East” (2008-2014), where he played lead guitar and co-wrote most of the songs. As well as recording their demos and the EP “Proxima.” 

Since then he’s developed a good reputation as a professional musician playing on many different projects. With these years of experience he’s learned an appreciation for “serving the song,” using his bass to carve out a tasteful line that is both purposeful and artistic.

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